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Upon the Lampstand

In the Gospel of Matthew (5:15-16) Jesus of Nazareth took a simple truth and made a rather profound connection. He is recorded as saying:

"People light a lamp and set it, not under the measuring basket, but upon the lampstand, and it shines upon all those in the house. Likewise let YOUR light shine before men, that they may see YOUR fine works and give glory to YOUR Father who is in the heavens [New World Translation]."

The truth about how we use lighted lamps is simple, easily appreciated by all. But the application (though also easy to understand) is profound in that it is something many choose not to do. While none of us would hesitate to let a physical lamp’s light shine after lighting it, it is sometimes more difficult to let our spiritual “light,” our faith in things pertaining to God that are shown by our works (James 2:18), shine before others. There are several potential reasons for this hesitation.

At times we may lack the courage to stand up for what we believe. Or we may simply not know how best to act before men in order to ‘glorify our Father,’ Jah. Whatever it is that makes it harder for us to ‘let our spiritual light shine’ than it is for us to place a lamp ‘upon a lampstand,’ at Elihu Books we believe in doing our utmost to be open and honest about our faith (our “light”) no matter the cost. If we have good reasons for what we believe, then we should make our faith known by our works and let our good reasons for belief be known. But sometimes we have questions or doubts that keep us from doing just such things.

To this end, “Upon The Lampstand” is an online resource where questions about Jah, Jesus Christ, Christian living, Christian teachings, the Bible, and associated beliefs about angels, demons, mankind, and the religions of the world will be presented and then answered. The questions presented come from you, the viewer, that we receive here at Elihu Books by means of a letter, an email, or through our online Chat. So send us your questions; talk to us about what’s on your mind. If at all possible, we’ll put it “upon the lampstand” for it to ‘shine’ on all those in our house!


In medio is a Latin expression which means, “in the middle.” It often involves the safest place or course which here at Elihu Books we believe is by always speaking the truth, or at least what you believe is true for good reasons. Many people have beliefs they think are based on absolute knowledge. In other words, they claim they "know" what is true and what is false. But there are often things we believe that we do not know for a certainty, such as the color of lights or whether or not it is safe to enter an intersection. Still, even without knowing such things for a certainty we develop and maintain beliefs based on good reasons, beliefs that are enough to motivate us to act even to the point of risking our lives.

When it comes to religious or spiritual issues, we believe the same basis for belief applies or should apply: Have good reasons and consider whether the good reasons supporting a particular belief are in fact better reasons for believing something than are any good reasons that might be offered against belief in that same thing. IN MEDIO is an online journal published by Elihu Books and edited by Greg Stafford. It presents what the Christian Witnesses of Jah believe is a true spiritual “light” based on good reasons found in the Bible, a collection of writings that are also for good reasons considered historically reliable and relevant for knowledge about God.

IN MEDIO not only endeavors to teach what is true for good reasons, but it will address controversial issues and resist beliefs that are false, misleading, or in any sense harmful to others without good reasons. Published since 2006, and now four times a year (quarterly), IN MEDIO seeks to inspire others to make decisions about what to believe apart from the fear of men and without having to think that before you can believe, before you can act, you have to know something is true. Good reasons, the best reasons, are enough for belief and for action.

Topical Index

As the name suggests, this is an index arranged by topics in alphabetical order. The topics range from ancient manuscripts, grammar, biblical studies, ethics, personal development, the Judeo-Christian God Jah, Jesus Christ, to the beliefs and practices of a variety of modern religious groups, movements, and organizations, as well as tips and advice for Christians and others on matters relating to personal finance, education, and how to live and enjoy life now with a view to the life that is to come.

Chat With Us!

It’s easy, informative, and hopefully fun! But more than all of these, we hope that our Chat will be a place where you can ask questions that matter and get answers that are meaningful. Click on the main menu link, read the Chat’s preamble, and tell us what’s on your mind or ask a question related to anything pertaining to this site, our publications, or related subjects.

Watching the Ministry (Our Blog)

One of the earliest Christian converts was a devoutly religious Jew named Saul. Christian records (the New Testament book of Acts) tell us of Saul’s conversion from a persecutor of Christians to one of the movement’s strongest supporters. Thereafter he was also known as “Paul” (Acts 13:9). In one of his letters to Christians in the city of Colossae, Paul wrote, “Keep watching the ministry which you accepted in the Lord, that you fulfill it” (Colossians 4:17). Our Blog takes up this responsibility by using a modern convenience (a Blog) to help Christians around the world in their ministry and to help further the growth of knowledge based on good reasons about Jah, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

Christian Witnesses of Jah

The Christian Witnesses of Jah are Christians who worship the biblical God Jah (Psalm 68:4; Revelation 19:1-8). Jah is also, for good reasons, known in English today as “Jehovah.” The menu option for the Christian Witnesses of Jah will take you to a web site where you can learn more about their beliefs, their activities, and how you can be involved in their ministerial efforts throughout the world. Christian Witnesses of Jah want to help raise awareness about ways to develop and maintain beliefs based on good reasons, to bear witness to the truth about Jah and Jesus Christ, and to defend the history and the merits of New Testament Christianity.

You can also read more about the Christian Witnesses of Jah here, and by reviewing the publications and writings of Greg Stafford offered on this site.

Helping Those in Need

Elihu Books is owned and operated by Greg and Jennifer Stafford, both of whom are Christian Witnesses of Jah, Jehovah’s Witnesses who follow the teachings of the Bible rather than the commands of men (compare Isaiah 29:13). We believe it is fundamental to true Christianity to help those who are in need, like Jesus so often did (Matthew 15:32-37; Mark 1:40-42; Luke 10:29-37). With that in mind, on our Helping Those in Need page you will find out how Elihu Books may be able to help you and how you may be able to help others. Together, we can certainly do more for those in need!

Calendar of Events

Here is where we provide information about upcoming speaking engagements, conferences, debates over important issues, or gatherings and events sponsored by Elihu Books and the Christian Witnesses of Jah. Usually any such events will be mentioned on our Blog first, but it’s a good idea to check our Calendar regularly just to be sure!