Publishers about Jah, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Bible

The biblical God Jah. Jesus of Nazareth, son of Mary and Joseph, but also Son of God according to the Bible. Elihu Books' purpose is to publish beliefs based on the best available reasons concerning these three and to help as many as possible according to how Jesus himself comforted and aided others in life and in learning about God. True, not everyone believes in an intelligent, personal Life Giver, or in a human Son of God, or in the history and teachings of the Bible. Through our materials and in association with Christian Witnesses of Jah, we endeavor to show there are sufficient reasons for reasonable beliefs in all of these!
Evolution Issues: Plants and Seeds
Life exists on earth. We exist; animals are here; and so are seeds, plants, and trees and other forms of life. Evolution claims life evolved on its own over a long time, even though evolution cannot explain the origin of life itself. Evolutionists also deny a Creator for plants and seeds. Yet, past and recent science shows how incredible these are, even to the point of performing complex "math" calculations. Consider our new article which focuses on the often overlooked phenomena of plants and seeds and whether these could have evolved apart from intelligent design.
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